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Intuitive Toe Reading/Coaching Sessions

Saturdays: 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

August 17th & 24th

September 14th, 21st, and 28th

Toe reading is the metaphysical understanding that the direction and formation of the toes are the physical printout of the path a person's life has taken. The toes are one of our bodies' depositories for stories and emotions. The energy of emotion changes the shape of the toes, especially if it is negative. A Toe Reader is someone who honors the stories coded in the toes and is spiritually and emotionally available to unlock the story line stored in the cells of the body, specifically stored in the hologram of the toes.

Fee: $35 for 1/2 hour, $60 for 1 hour

Call (909) 896-7704 to make an appointment.

Facilitator's Bio:

Alicia Ford is a Science of Mind Spiritual Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a student of Natural Mysticism. She is committed to living by the Laws of Nature and sharing gentle guidance as a Channel of Pure Source Energy. With all of her studies she has come to understand how the soles of our feet are a blue print of the Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental body. It is an honor to sit at someone's feet with reverence, acknowledging the beauty that is their life story here on earth. Alicia creates a relaxing setting that invites the heart of the one allowing the reading to be at peace, see the beauty in the lessons of life and experience wellness.

Phone: (909) 896-7704