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Crystal Pillar


Rutilated clear quartz golden angel hair. The property of the stone amplifies your thoughts and aids in manifestation and creativity.


1.5 lb,

Approx 3.5" height

Crystals and Minerals:

An extensive collection of rocks and minerals including clear, rose, and smokey quartz, amethyst and citrine geodes, worry stones, polished and raw specimens for energy work, collecting, and home adornment.

Crystal Pillar Lemurian1


Lemurian clear quartz pillar with black tourmaline occlusion

Powerful piece!


1.6 lbs

3.5" x 3.5" x 3"

Citrine Isis point with rainbow occlusions.

The Isis Quartz: Insight. Wisdom. Intuition. Deep Healing. Maternal Loving Healer of Hearts & Children.

Citrine: Emotional Balance

2.4 lb - $420

Approx 5” height, 3.5” width

Citrine Pillar w/ Angel Wing


Beautiful raw emeralds from Columbia. Emerald is a stone that is used to bring forth manifestation in the form of prosperity abundance and divine love.

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