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Moonday Readings with Erick

Mondays, 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Mondays are the day synchronized with the moon. Allowing for us to open up emotional aspects of ourselves that are a little tender. With the helpful hand of my tarot deck we will dive into energies playing out in your life. We could see paths, possibilities, opportunities or we could see the cycles we are completing/repeating. My readings are based off of traditional tarot, and little help of my guardians. So come on in, take a chance let’s see what this moonday has in store for you.

About the Reader:

My name is Erick Garcia, I have been into the metaphysics since I was a child. It wasn’t until one day I finally said out loud that I wanted a tarot deck and it came to me with a pair of shoes, some crystals, and herbs. Delivered by my sister sign I took it as a sign to dwell into the depths of tarot. After spending two years reading for myself and friends I feel confident enough to step out of the bruja closet...didn’t think I had to come out twice. Other than tarot I specialize in Candle Work.


Single Question 7$

This reading is for those little things that keep our head spinning. A short reading that will give you a blunt and direct answer.

General Reading 15$

In my general readings I like to let you play with my cards. They’re like little kids, they like attention. From there I lay out the spread that flashes before my eyes and I’ll read you the current issues/gifts/possibilities the universe wants to discuss with you. This is a more intuitive and personal reading, if your “stuck in a rut” or seeking new possibilities come through.

333 reading 25$

In this reading we will do the same as the general reading but I will get more extensive on the info relayed. The deck will be split into three by you and we will slowly work out each layer of each reading. Sometimes all three stacks will relate to the first reading and will provide detail on the scenario we are facing working towards. Sometimes you will get three separate general readings. It varies on what the universe is relaying.

Candle Work 20$ + Cost of Materials

Candles have been used as spiritual tools for centuries! How I work with candles is based on intention setting and drawing in certain energy to help you through the intention. I will see your scenario, and I will intuitively start crafting the work for you. You will be asked to bring certain tools/oils/herbs that I will need to prepare your candle. You will see me prepare your candle and you will be there to help me set intentions. These candles are known as 3-day or 7-day candles and are glass encased. Once prepared you are to take your candle a burn it in the location I ask you to. Last you will bring me the glass container so I can read it.

 If I see need, we will work with a free standing candle and that would require for me to actively watch the candle while it burns so I can read, the smoke, plate, wax, flame, etc. There is a lot of work to go into freestanding candles but sometimes these are required to help me understand what you need to work around. Free standing candles work will be 10$ more due to the amount of work that will be going into watching the candle for you. At the end of your candle burning I will read the wax, and summarize what was happening as the candle burned. Candle work is done quicker than traditional glass encased.

Types of Candle work, Road Opener, Prosperity, Limpia Camino (clean road), Self-Love, Cord-Cutting, Creative Charge, Banishing/Removal.

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