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Reiki I and II Certification Class

Saturday, August 18 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Our bodies were designed to heal itself and REIKI helps to balance and reawaken the ability for a body to heal itself. REIKI channels energy from God or Source, through you to the client or yourself. REIKI I allows you to practice on yourself and REIKI II introduces the three symbols and techniques to heal others. In this training, you will be taught the symbols and receive two attunements to awaken your healing ability

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Craig Stiffler and Cookie Munoz are Reiki Masters/Teachers and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists who love their work, which allows people to be in balance and restore their bodies ability to heal itself.


Phone: (760) 486-4716

Cookie Munoz (909) 841-7737

Fee: $150

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