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Sacral Chakra Healing

Sunday, April 7

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

The Sacral Chakra is center of our emotional, creative and sexual energy. The gift of this chakra is experiencing our lives through emotions, pleasure, connection, intimacy in its fullness.

In Sacral Chakra Healing(I), we will heal guilt and our relationship to our emotions, our bodies, and our passions. As we heal our relationship with the elemental water energy we will awaken our power of creation for what we truly enjoy and for intimate relationships. As your sacral chakra becomes stronger you will develop greater flexibility and adaptability for you to accept change and transform. You will feel more passionate, sensual, creative and more connected to your feelings. This will encompass meditations, guided activities, chakral and crystal healing, releasing The Martyr archetypal energy and empowering of The Emperor/Empress archetypal energy.

Note: This is a deep healing session. It requires one to have a basic understanding of the Sacral chakra.

Required: Wear Orange (anything, but should be visible) – top/scarf/nail paint/ lipstick; Bring something orange to eat / drink; Bring a journal / notepad, pen/pencil.

Optional: Bring your own Sacral chakra stones (I will provide them if you don’t have them).

Limit: 11

Energy Exchange: $44



Archana channels Divine Energy of love and light to help all in need. She is an advanced Pranic healer, Pranic psychotherapist, Crystal healer and an intuitive oracle reader. It is her passion and life purpose to provide Spiritual guidance to help others on their sacred journey. She uses various healing modalities intuitively to empower and rejuvenate others to live a life of their dreams.

Email: Divinehealing813@gmail.com

Phone: (909) 967-9012

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