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The teachings of Buddha are widley accepted in Eastern cultures and have been rising in popularity in the West. Focus on meditation and self-realization is a life-long effort to quiet the mind and practice a non-violent approach to life. Integrating singing bowls and prayer wheels are a wonderful way to enhance and deepen the ritual experience and bring harmony to your home.

Spiritual Ritual Objects

Our Store

We carry a wide variety of inspirational and unique items from locally and around the world. Visit our store in person or on-line. Don’t see what you need? Contact us with questions about in-store product availability!

Ritual Objects Malas

Our thanka art is a combination of a cotton canvas painting sewn into a silk brocade frame with wooden dowels at the top and bottom. The paintings are various Buddhist ritual symbols such as ornate mandalas and Buddha and Tara images. All works are hand-painted and hand-stitched by Tibetan artisans living in Nepal. Approximate dimensions: Large - 32" x 22" Medium - 27" x 22" Small - 21" x 16"

Tibetan Thanka Art

A mala is a string of 108 beads that is used as a tool to keep your mind on the meditation practice. These high-quality malas were acquired from a shop in the market surrounding the Boudhanath Stupa, a holy Buddhist site in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Mala Prayer Beads

Our art gallery features new local artists monthly and we carry calligraphy and wood block prints on rice paper.  Listen to beautiful and relaxing music and peruse books that share the wisdom and experience of those on the path to promoting peace and well-being in our global village, the Earth.

Art, Music and Books and Cards

Most of our jewelry is hand-crafted by silver smiths from Bali or Nepal. We have a wide variety of unique and unusual styles. In addition we have Nepalese tribal wood carvings and other memorable gift items.

Jewelry and Gifts

Crystals and Minerals

An extensive collection of rocks and minerals including clear, rose, and smokey quartz, amethyst and citrine geodes, worry stones, polished and raw specimens for energy work, collecting, and home adornment.