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Weekly Sunday Meditation, Mindfulness and Energy Work

1st through 4th Sundays: 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Focusing on Mindfulness, Breath, and Inner Being

Class is based on joining together to discuss topics relevant to our self and social well being.

Relational Mindfulness, Meditation Practices, Breathing Techniques, and Emotional Intelligence are taught in order to gain self-awareness

and resilience in times of emotional dis-ease.

Also touching base on Energy / Spiritual Healing modalities that can enhance the Meditation practice.

No experience necessary, all are welcomed and encouraged to bring a loved one that might benefit from the teachings.

Fee: $11


Desiree is a Reiki Master, Meditation and Yoga Teacher.

She uses various modalities to help others become present in their bodies- physically, energetically and spiritually.

As an inherited student of the occult, Desiree found that it all stems from one important aspect- YOU! Centering your Mind, Body and Spirit is the intention.

Email: desiree.bourne@yahoo.com

Phone: 909-634-0724

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