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Herbal Tea Ceremony

Saturday, April 13

 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

 Enjoy a relaxing evening of Heart-Centered Connection and Communion with some of our most beloved and underrated Plant Spirits! Learn about traditional herbal preparations made from some of the native medicinal weeds growing all around us, from between the cracks in the pavement all the way up to the rich mountainside! We'll be sipping on some freshly brewed organic teas and diving deeper into developing communication and relation with plants to maximize our health, uplift our spirits, and improve the state of our Selves and our World.

Fee: $25

Reserve online:


Join Traditionally Certified Herbalist and Plant Lover Nata of Waking Seed!

Since she was a little girl, Nata has felt the deep pull and connection to the Spirits of the Plant Realm. Now, one of her greatest joys is in helping others remember these friends, the original Healers and Wisdom Keepers, and to share the gift of their uniquely subtle and powerful medicines with all who care to listen. "Long ago the peoples of the Earth sang the songs of the Plants. My hope is that you will learn to hear their humming - and that in doing so, they may help you hear your own Heart Song as well."

E-Mail: wakingseed@gmail.com

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