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Tea Leaf Readings with Tiffany

Saturday, March 21 and April 18

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Tea Leaf Readings - By Appointment Only

Mondays, through April

10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Tea leaf reading is an ancient divination method. As you sip, tea leaves absorb your energy. Your energy will influence the leaves to form shapes, symbols, letters, numbers and scenes. Theses shapes and symbols provide insight into your energy patterns. Tea artisans believe each tea leaf holds positive energy. Brewing the tea releases this energy.

Want to know what kind of energy surrounds you? Do you have a question about a situation, decision, relationship or idea? Using tea leaves, crystals and oracle cards, you will receive an answer or resolution.

Sessions are 30 min for $30. Group sessions are available.


Tiffany Williams is the owner of Boutique Teas. Boutique Teas offers the ultimate premium loose leaf tea selection, and tea education lectures. For two years, Tiffany has practiced and learned about tea blending techniques. Tiffany writes articles for www.boutiqueteas.com and for www.tching.com about tea culture, tea leaf reading and tea history. Tiffany lectures at the annual Los Angeles Tea Lovers Festival.

To Book and Appointment:

E-Mail: tiffany@boutiqueteas.com

Phone: 909-529-0229

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