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Energy Healing Sessions - Sunday, July 28

Energy Healing Sessions - Sunday, July 28

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Experience the frequency healing of a PEMF Mat along with the option of Shamanic / Reiki work. PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field and the Healthy Wave Mat includes Infared rays that heats the semi-precious stones including amethyst, jade and tourmaline embedded in the mat. The results of red-light therapy combined with negative ion infusion is deep relaxation, cellular and muscular healing, and the meditative benefits of increasing your overall sense of well-being.

Fee: $25 for 20 minutes or $50 for an hour.
Add Shamanic/Reiki work for $15 per half hour ($40 - 20 minutes, $80 - 1 hour)

Facilitator: Bonnie has been meditating and practicing holistic healing modalities since 2007. She has her master's degreein Philosophy and is a Reiki Master with shaman tendencies. She combines her analytical analysis skills with spiritual work to shed light on the unseen. Additionally she practices shamanism, journeying, energy healing, (including fire & water ceremonial meditations), family constellations, yoga, breathwork, silence, and stillness & flow.

"My rigorous studies in philosophy, anthropology, and holistic healing have revealed the deeper part of me that has always been doing informal field work in mysticism.  If there is one solidified belief that governs all of my pursuits, it is that 'the truth alwaysreveals itself.'  It is impossible for it to do otherwise.  When we practice various methods to tap into that truth, life becomes a much more meaningful and intimate experience for us."

~ I look forward to meeting you ~ Bonnie:)

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