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Buddhamouse Jewelry, Crystals, Meditation and Inspirational Objects, Art, Books and Spiritual Center

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Promoting Peace, Beauty and Well-Being

Located in Downtown Claremont, California, Buddhamouse Emporium is a peaceful haven that offers a wide range of ritual objects, spiritual statuary, inspirational 2 books, artistic creations, and unique jewelry.

We are also a Spiritual, Metaphysical, and Meditation center where facilitators can offer workshops and holistic events.

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Working with Energy

Sacred Geometry and the nature of our universe are interlinked at a quantum level: crystals, plants, our own bodies, and the spirals of the galaxies are all creations of patterns and forms from the source...

Nature & the Physical Cosmos

When cultivating a strong sense of well-being, it helps to know that caring for self and others is essential. Meditation and mindfulness practice facilitates this understanding as well as promotes bodily health...

Meditation & Ethical Action

The Roots of Well-Being

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Everything in our physical and non-physical world is energy; energy that vibrates or resonates at different frequencies. Working with energy helps to connect us to our to our origins of self…

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