About Us

Giving Back

A portion of our proceeds go to non-profit organizations that promote non-violence, the arts, or health and environmental awareness.

  • Promoting Peace:

    At the heart of Buddhism is the quest for peace. Our global community will experience peace to the degree that our own thoughts, actions and words are mindful. We must first believe that there is a peaceful solution and then strive to manifest it for ourselves and our world. Our ritual objects contribute to this philosophy and allow for introspection.

  • Promoting Beauty:

    There is a great need to establish creative ways to prosper. Art, music, and spoken word have no cultural boundaries. It is a basic human characteristic to either create or appreciate the arts. Therefore, we support local artists and artisans, by promoting hand-crafted consignment pieces.

  • Promoting Well-Being:

    The earth and our bodies are sacred and should be cared for. In this new age, science and spirituality are beginning to merge at core beliefs.  We are all interconnected and hold a unique space and time in the universe. It is our goal is to create a holistic coalition where practitioners can offer workshops and events to the community so that these ideas can be further explored. Stay connected as we grow and change...

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