Chakra Bracelets

  • What is a Chakra?

    A Chakra is a term for an energy center. These energy centers are located along the axis of your body. The bracelets I make use seven chakras, although there are more energy centers than that. Information differs with respect to cultural, metaphysical, and/or holistic teachings. My belief is that the most important aspect to any spiritual or metaphysical practice is intention. Do and work with what keeps you inspired, connected, positive and compassionate.

  • Why Work with Chakras?

    Because we live in an age where science and spirituality are merging at core beliefs such that humanity is experiencing an evolutionary shift. It is a consciousness that is growing exponentially at a personal, global, and cosmic level. It is a concept that is vast and daunting. How can our small physical selves contribute or be significant to the process?

    One answer is by our working with our energetic selves to the best of our ability.