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Chakra Bracelet - 1 sequence, 3 beads per Chakra 8 mm Beads

Chakra Bracelet - 1 sequence, 3 beads per Chakra 8 mm Beads

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In this bracelet, I put together 3 Chakra sequences using 1 bead for each chakra and end the sequences with black onyx for protection.


     Red Jasper:

    Root Chakra -Grounded, secureMineral Property: Physical healing


    Sacral Chakra -Passion, creativityMineral Property: Overcoming life ambition obstacles

     Golden Tiger Eye:

    Solar Plexis Chakra -Emotional balance, personal powerMineral Property: Grounding, creative ways to prosper


    Heart Chakra -Compassion, unconditional loveMineral Property: Abundance, prosperity

     Lapis Lazuli:

    Throat Chakra -Speaking your truth, good listenerMineral Property: Knowing ones own truth


    Third Eye Chakra -Intuition, inner and outer awarenessMineral Property: Sobriety, self realization

     Clear Quartz:

    Crown Chakra -Divine connection between physical and non-physicalMineral Property: Master healer, amplifies and re-directs energy

      Black Onyx:

    Mineral Property: Protection, surrounding with white light

      Rose Quartz:

    Mineral Property: Unconditional love, compassion


    Small - 6.6 in (168 mm)

    Medium - 7.6 in (192 mm)

    Large - 8.5 in (216 mm)


    Small sizes do not contain black onyx, and large sizes include rose quartz     beads between each sequence.  Length may vary due to bead sizes.

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