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Chakra Singing Bowl - Throat approx. 3.5” Diameter

Chakra Singing Bowl - Throat approx. 3.5” Diameter

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Our Chakra singing bowls are painted with the Sanskrit symbols associated with each Energy Center of the body and come with a wooden mallet, bowl stand and carrying box.

A balanced throat chakra means that you are comfortable in speaking your thruth. You are open to hearing concerns and opinions of others. Ensuring that our speech is considerate and with pure intention.

CHAKRA: Throat


LOCATION: Between Collarbone and Larynx on the neck

FUNCTION: Self-expression / communication and self-determination


GEM STONE: Lapis / Sodalite

ESSENTIAL OIL: Eucalyptus / Peppermint

BODY POSE: Lion: tongue out, palms outspread

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