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Incense: Mandala Pure Incense

Incense: Mandala Pure Incense

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Made in India, this incense was uniquely formulated with superior quality and in the tradition of ancient Tibetan incense making.  Each has its own ingredients that create an auspicious spiritual and meditative experience. 

Pureland Paradise: This superior quality incense is an exceptional blend of flowers, plants, and herbs from the Himalayan Region. 

White Tara Night Queen: Made from small white flowers of extraordinary fragrance and natural Himalayan herbs.  It creates an exotic earthy fragrance that will uplift and bring tranquility to body and mind.

Clear Light: This delightfully subtle and pleasantly earthy fragrance is created using on the finest medicianl herbs and essential oils of the Kewra flowers.

Nature Intimate Embrace: Made from a combination of medicinal plants, flowers and herbs, this incense has been created to bring one into a more balanced harmonious state of consciousness.

Rose Frangrance: These excellent incense sticks contain the essence of rose and other natural herbs. 

Cedar: This is a unique blend of cedar and twenty-four other medicinal plants and herbs.


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