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Wall Hanging: Geometric Mandala Banner

Wall Hanging: Geometric Mandala Banner

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Geometric Mandala Banner:

Sacred geometry is essentially the study of the spiritual meaning of various shapes. It can be applied to the forms, numbers, and patterns seen throughout the natural world. This banner has the following meditative patterns:

- Sahasrara or Thousand Petal Lotus is a symbol for the crown chakra. It reflects our ability to experience pure Consciousness and Bliss.

 - Sri Yantra is the image where we are invited to meditate on the joyous dance of the Divine masculine and feminine energies of co-creation. 

 - The Flower of Life is a sixfold symmetry of overlapping circles resulting in hypnotic patterns facilitating deep meditative states and the concept that all things are interconnected. 

 Size: 32" x 15" (not including hanging string)

100% cotton, Made in Indonesia


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